Going Out With A Bang in Japan!

When we were planning where to go for our spring break vacay, we were going back and forth: do we stick close or do we tackle a once in a life time type of trip? We went out on a limb with India, and it was a blast, sooooo we took the plunge! Up until the day of our trip, we were still wondering if we had made the best decision- it’s far, even from Qatar, a bit pricey, and besides konichiwa, we couldn’t tell ya the first thing about the Japanese language. Not long after arriving at the Tokyo train station, we could both say without a doubt that going out with a bang was going to be worth it! Japan rocks y’all!


We spent a little over two weeks in this gorgeous country and visited Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Tokyo. We even got super lucky and were there when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming. Talk about amazing!

The one thing that I’m really disappointed in is that we have this orange pack of noodles back home we call “Ramen.” Seriously, it’s a complete disgrace, and I’m real sad I gave that company my money during college. Never again. True ramen may be one of the best foods on the planet! When it comes to all things culinary, Japan has it figured out. So simple, yet so much flavor. And so fresh! It gave Italy a run for it’s money, and I was almost certain Jared was one piece of sushi away from turning into a sushi roll himself! I could go on and on about all things Japan, but since we will be on U.S. soil in T-minus one week, I made a little video below so we can get busy packing! We’re not excited at all… 🙂


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