Safari in Uganda, Africa

We just got home from a 6 day trekking and safari experience in Uganda, and as we are going through our pictures and reminiscing, there is no doubt that this trip is one of the most memorable. If you didn’t know, my other half is very clever. He is always scheming and is the best dreamer I know, so when he brought the idea up of trekking to see gorillas, I nodded with a “yeah, right” attitude since I am trying to “never say never” again, even though I just did to a trip to the Amazon :0. But seriously, how does he find this stuff?? And who travels for over 30 hours and hikes for 4 hours only to sit with gorillas for 1 hour? Apparently we do, and it was AMAZING!

DSC_5309You see, this is why I am in love with this man! We hiked through some of the most lush, difficult, yet peaceful jungle that made me feel all kinds of nostalgic for Costa Rica. After about 2 hours of our guide clearing paths for us with his machete and no GPS, we found ourselves sitting under a small clearing with 8 gorillas: a silver back, 2 mommas, 2 males, and 3 babies all within a few feet. My sister-in-law even got kicked by one as he was running by to catch up with the other gorillas! It was the most surreal hour of my life so far. The love between the mommas and their babies was astonishing, and watching the babies wrestle and pound their chests like Donkey Kong was the highlight of my trip. I could sit and watch them forever I am sure. Despite my uncertainty, if it wasn’t for Jared’s crazy adventurous side, I would never be able to get out of the boat and experience beauty like this. Thank you dear!

feedingDSC_4914footsilverfacewrestlingAfter visiting the gorillas on day 1 of our trip, we decided everything else would be icing on the cake, and it was. We went on several safaris where we saw all of these guys…


African Elephant


Water buck

Uganda has a very special place in our hearts now. It holds so much beauty in so many ways and clarifies a theme we have found among certain countries. In places like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India, the villages in Thailand, and Uganda, the people have very few material things, but have been the most welcoming and happy people we have ever come across in our lives. Their work ethic-unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We don’t know hard work. We saw girls and boys aged 8-12 carrying logs on top of their heads, up a hill, and bare foot. No one deserves to live in a mud house, and I still have tears in my eyes as I think about how hard life is for these sweet people. I don’t know how or when, but one day I am going back to learn more from them and hopefully help them in some way. My nanny will always be the first person to take up for me, especially when my mom tells me I’m spoiled, but nanny, I’m sad to say I think she has been right all of these years. 😉 We are blessed in many ways, but the sense of community and pure happiness these people encompass has left me speechless and wanting more.


A slideshow of a few more pictures from our trip.

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