Kotor, Montenegro: Mountains and Mussels 

When we travel to a new country, it generally becomes one of our new favorite places on Earth, which leaves us with a lot of favorites. It’s kind of a problem. I suppose it’s much better than having a lot of places we hate, but after laying eyes on Montenegro, the ante has been upped. Majorly.

Montenegro, specifically Kotor, is absolutely striking. We kept hearing about the coast in Croatia, which don’t get me wrong, Croatia’s coast is stunning, but take that same crystal clear water from the Adriatic Sea and put it up against some of the prettiest mountains and you get one of the most amazing views of nature.

Despite love at first sight, I developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with Montenegro’s views. There are 2 types of views there. Views that melt your stress right away and views that can cause you more tension than you knew to be possible. Mom, Nanny, and Cindy, just think back to those joyous times riding around in Costa Rica.

You know, the times where you are taking in the amazing views of the mountains and then you accidentally look down to find that you are inches from falling off the side of a cliff, are on the most narrow road ever, and oh my word a log truck is coming down this same road and not even thinking about putting on his breaks! Those lovely moments where you feel the most content your heart has ever been yet scared to death all at the same time. That pretty much sums up the day we went out to explore, but those 6 hours we spent in 1st and 2nd gear as we maneuvered around the endless curves and switchbacks led to the most amazing views. Views of Lake Skadar and its surrounding mountains that put Montenegro at the top of our “We are coming back here!” list. Plus, my left calf is looking pretty buff now. 😉

On the way home we went through a small province that is known for producing most of the country’s pork. Our days in the land of pork are narrowing down, so we had to stop and buy some ham! Didn’t speak of lick of each other’s language, but it didn’t matter. We all left happy.

Besides these views, the coast of Montenegro is known for its mussels. There are mussel farms all over the coast and Jared was beyond ecstatic for all the seafood they had to offer. We also managed to snag a T-bone, 3 pork chops, several sausages, salads, and drinks for 29 euros one night! Great food and even better views. What more could you ask for? We can’t wait to come back! Until then, we are off to the last part of our trip: Austria & Germany! Bring on the sausages!


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