Cruisin’ Through Croatia

We spent the last 9 days traveling the beautiful coast of Croatia. We started in Split, took a boat to the island of Hvar, and finished the trip in the small town of Dubrovnik. This has been the most relaxing part of our trip thus far, and I figured a video of our time in Croatia could sum up how much fun we had better than my words ever could. Check us out gettin’ fancy with a video post! 😉

We keep managing to get the sweetest cars Europe has to offer! 1st the Smart Car and now this lime green Peugeot. And then there’s the best of all…Azulita (little blue). She gave us the best time of all as we island hopped in Hvar!

Pretending to be in King’s Landing or in my case wishing I was Rapunzel was the perfect way to end our time in Croatia.

We made it safely to Montenegro and are absolutely loving it here! Pics/Video to come soon! Fyi: This also happened this week.

Best wishes to my little brother and cousin who are off to college! Wasn’t I pushing you both around in my baby stroller just yesterday???


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