Cinque Terre, Italy

By the end of a normal one or two week vacation, we generally can’t wait to get back to our mattress, take a shower in our bathroom, and have our own space back, so as one might expect, there was a little anxiety during the planning phases as to how this 2 month excursion with only one backpack each might play out.

We are now half way through and to be honest, we haven’t missed “home” or our belongings one bit. Family and friends: Absolutely! The only downfall to traveling is not being able to share it with the people you love most, which is why I decided that my next plan of action is to move everyone I love here!

Cinque Terre. It’s on the Italian Riviera…do you really need to know more? It’s pretty much perfect and in Whitney’s words “is the Italian version of Santorini in Greece,” with its narrow stone walk ways, colorful homes all stacked on the side of a cliff, and all-around cuteness. This beautiful little coast consists of 5 adorable towns situated in a national park. No chain restaurants, no hotels, and no construction. Just quaint little villages filled with all the pesto, pasta, seafood, wine, gelato, ocean views, and hiking trails anyone could ever ask for.

Cinque Terre is known for pesto. You can get it on just about everything and it is scrumptious! Once again, there is a lack of food pictures due to our serious issue of inhaling food. I always forget until we are half way through and have darn near mutilated it. Sometimes you just have to live in the moment…or in our case, seconds. 🙂

We stayed in Corniglia, one of the smallest, yet in our opinion best towns in Cinque Terre. It is nestled around a little church where the church bell rings every hour. We could have just sat on our balcony and taken in this view for a good part of our 4 days there, but decided we should probably walk off some of the carbs we’ve been packing on.

Between each town there are hiking trails. A vast majority has unfortunately been closed due to a bad mudslide in 2011, but we lucked out as the one we wanted to explore just re-opened on July 10th. When the alarm went off at 6 a.m. I really wanted to throw that baby right out the window, but getting up before all of the selfie stick wielding tourists and scorching Mediterranean sun was the best decision yet. We had the coastal trails all to ourselves for the most part, and it was fabulous. We stopped to have a small breakfast in the first town, and as we were nearing the end of the hike began running in to other hikers, mainly American. It was so refreshing and not only because the views were spectacular and it’s my favorite way to spend time with my love, but because we crossed paths with such friendly and polite people. It’s amazing what a smile and good morning can do for your day. Other countries aren’t always so keen on friendliness, but thank you to our mommas who taught us manners, values, and the importance of Southern hospitality.

Cinque Terre and Italy in general were more than we could have ever asked for. We spent our last day cooling off in this little swimming hole and planning our next trip to Italy! Gratzi Italy! We are now off to soak up some more sun in Croatia!


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