When In Rome

My mom claims that I am not Italian, but my palette is telling me otherwise. The food here… Oh my. They seriously have everything delicious! Pasta, the lightest and most amazing pizza, good wine for $2 a bottle (yes, this is a thing), cheese, pork out the wazoo, gelato, and Italian ice. Really, what more do you need??? And it has all been extremely reasonable. Whitney, who isn’t a huge fan of pasta and was adamant that she wouldn’t like the pizza here, says Italy can change your mind on Italian food, but it gets even better. I have been trying for close to 10 years now to get Jared to love cheese as much as I do and this week a miracle happened. The words, “I think I have fallen in love with cheese,” came out of his mouth. My heart is so happy.

Our main goal this summer is to simply eat our way through Europe. We have done a pretty awesome job so far. Unfortunately we don’t have better food pictures because we tend to lose all control once the food hits the table. For anyone that knows me, the experience is similar to when someone gives me pork chops…Just. Can’t. Help. Myself. And kuddos to Anthony Bourdain for sending us to some awesome restaurants.

So besides being in a food coma a good portion of the past 9 days, we have managed to see some pretty awesome sights as well. As you can imagine, the colosseum does not disappoint. It’s massive and to try and comprehend the “entertainment” that took place there 2000 years ago is mind boggling. I’m quite glad we have moved on from the times of fighting people or animals to the death for one’s entertainment, but despite the harsh reality, the history of it is still amazing.

As you can see, the colosseum doesn’t have a floor anymore. The area below the stage/floor was filled with hallways and small rooms that were the holding areas for animals, gladiators, and sets. This was a real production and to provide even more entertainment, there were ramps below the arena floor. To raise the ramps, it took 224 men, 8 on each winch to raise the animal, gladiator, or set on to the stage. Some historians believe this stage could even be flooded to re-enact sea battles with miniature warships!

We also went to Vatican city where we visited the museum and Sistine Chapel. I believe the pictures below can speak for themselves. Stunning art work, sculptures, and artifacts throughout the entire thing, some which date back to 8500 BC!

John, I know how talented you are and how much you love me, so I got a picture of a bath tub I thought you could replicate for my future house. 🙂

Needless to say, Rome has been wonderful. The city itself does not have as much curb appeal as the adorable buildings in Amsterdam or Paris, but it still manages to have a small town feel with friendly people and clearly the best food. Not to mention, Jared’s best friend Jordan met us for part of our time in Rome. How lucky are we to have visitors along the way to share this with! We just hopped off the Ferrari train, which is by far the best way to travel, and are in our new home of Florence for the next 9 days. Our recent day trip to a vineyard outside of the city and the train ride here has me so excited for the Tuscany region!


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