8 Countries in 8 Weeks

Yep. You read that correctly. Only 1 more day and we leave for an adventure of a lifetime. Before Jared and I got married, we sat down and each of us made our own bucket list. We then compiled our dreams in to one gigantic list that consisted of places to travel as well as personal and family goals. Being teachers and the Type A personality that I am, we had to align, organize, and guesstimate when we thought we could really reach these goals. It’s slightly OCD, I am aware, but that’s what makes me tick. 🙂 Nevertheless, backpacking Europe was number one on our list and we thought it would take us 5 years to save up for it. Thank goodness God’s planning skills are far more stellar than mine and that we have awesome jobs that allow us to be so free! Teachers like to complain a lot, but really, we have it made. Close to 10 weeks off this summer and I forgot to mention the best part…ALL OF OUR FLIGHTS WERE PAID FOR! When everyone else was trying to figure out why in the world we wanted to teach abroad and neither of us could really find the words to ease anyone’s mind, this is why. To travel more easily, to explore, to learn, to mark places off our bucket list… For an adventure. We are going to be visiting 8 countries in 8 weeks, and it has only been 3 years since we set that goal! Not to mention, my sister-in-law gets to be a part of this too. The 3 amigos. Whoop whoop! Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.39.07 PMI feel like a little kid with all of the anticipation and excitement, so much so that I did not even sleep last night. Two more sleepless nights and we are out of here! On Wednesday, we fly to Amsterdam for five days. We will then take a train to Paris where we stay for a week. After Paris we go to what I believe will be the best part of the trip, Italy! I say this for a few reasons: 1. Pasta 2. Jared’s best friend will be meeting us there 3. More pasta and cheese. We get to visit two other cities in Italy, Cinque Terre and Florence. After I gain 200 pounds, which I have come to terms with, we go to beach it up for a week in Croatia. How hot will I feel in a bikini at this point on our trip??? Oh well. It’s vacation, right? We hop on another train over to Montenegro to do some hiking, and then we fly up to Austria and Germany where we will end our trip. We are going to have a blast, and I can’t wait to share our journey. Check back in about a week for our first blog post from Europe!


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