Weekend Fun

We started school this past week, and while I absolutely love my new kinder babies, it is fair to say we were all ready for the weekend. Last night we went to one of our favorite places in Qatar thus far, Souq Waqif (the outside market). In honor of our sweet Persian friend’s birthday, we went to an amazing Iranian restaurant where we had a 3 course meal for a little less than $20 a person! This place did not lack in detail, as very little does here, and the food was delicious. We started off with a yogurt soup, basically the cucumber sauce they put in gyros back home, to dip bread and vegetables in. After eating our lamb and fish kabobs, we tried a very interesting dessert. We aren’t sure what the white “noodle” looking things are, but they are super sweet and are soaked in rose water. The ice cream was pistachio and saffron. Very different.

Besides wandering around the malls and market we haven’t had a whole lot of time to really explore. Today we took off for the beach and sand dunes. Everything is obviously very beige and can seem a little bland some times,IMG_3319 especially after living in Costa Rica and Tennessee, but once you get out of the city just a little, the dunes and water do not disappoint. Best part of it was that we didn’t even sweat and it was still 106 out at sunset! The humidity the past two weeks has been fading and the words, “It actually feels nice,” came out of our mouths.

We also did something a little different and are hoping for the best. When we were taking at least 3 showers a day in August because it was so humid, we decided it was time to get some linen pants made. We bought some fabric at the market and found a tailor today who is making our pants for 50 riyal or about $13. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, and I’m guessing they don’t see too many white folks walking in since he didn’t think it was necessary to even get my name. Sunday we should have some new linen pantalones!


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