La Feria Zapote

When we were looking up information about everyday life in Costa Rica, we came across several videos, blogs, and photos of the local farmers markets, or “ferias”.  Last week we made it to our first one, an organic market in San Pedro.  It was ok; they had some things that are hard to find elsewhere, but it was like organic food back home: limited selection and high prices.

View on the walk to Zapote

Today, though, we went to a real feria.  Every Sunday morning, there is a huge farmers market in Zapote. Without a car, it wasn’t easy to get to, but wasn’t too tough, either.  We took the bus from our house to one of the malls in San Pedro, and from there it was about a mile walk down to the market.  Beautiful weather and new scenery made for a nice morning walk.

The market takes up an entire square block.  It is set up of about 8-10 long rows of produce stands.  In a large square outlying the produce are other vendors selling all kinds of stuff.  The outer ring is where you can buy bootleg movies, leather purses, homemade cheese, fresh fish, hamburger meat, “medicinal herbs” (that stand had a bit of a witch doctor vibe coming from it), or a new pair of “Oakley” sunglasses.  Also on the outer ring are small restaurants and fresh fruit juice vendors.  Torie and I helped ourselves to some freshly squeezed fruit juices (less than a dollar each) and an empanada (a dollar each).  I’ve somewhat fallen in love with empanadas since being here – it’s meat and bread – how could it get any better? Today, Torie had one with chicken and I tried a chicharron one. La Feria Zapote In Costa Rica, chicharron is usually fried pork, but it can differ in other parts of Latin America.  Anyway, they were made by hand right there in front of us and delicious.

We had set out to get a couple things we hadn’t been able to find this week and came back with a backpack full.  We are going to be spoiled when we move back to the States one day.  Below are some more pictures of our day’s haul and some of the pictures we took from around Zapote. Hope you’re not getting bored with pictures and posts about food. If you haven’t noticed yet, I like to eat.


Mixed signals: I wasn’t kidding before about seeing a stop sign and a traffic light at the same intersection.



Fresh Coconut





Cicharron Empanada



Tomatoes – Price says: 2X1000. That’s 2 kg for 1000 colones or roughly 4 and half pounds for $2.




Our haul – Total cost was around $8 or $9


Mini Vegetables


Star Fruit








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