Sensory overload

Hola! We are finally here in Costa Rica and WOW!  It is absolutely beautiful here, but Jared and I have been in sensory overload. Every few steps you take there is a new plant, flower, tree etc. (not to mention a new smell). Who knew a new country would smell so…different! Some for the better and some, well it will take getting used to. We have been here for 2 days now and have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. The plane trip was a breeze and our cat, Jax, did amazingly! When we got off the plane in Costa Rica, we were greeted by about 50 taxi drivers all yelling at us and asking if we needed a ride. After saying, “no gracias,” we finally found our driver, and we are thankful we made it to our home in one piece. The driving style here is intense and fast. Needless to say, there are very few road signs and a couple of times I am pretty sure he made his own lane. Besides the overwhelming views and smells, our home has been our biggest transition, at least mine.

View of San Jose from the guest bedroom

It is an older home and is absolutely adorable but very different from anything I have ever been in or seen in the U.S. It is fully furnished and kind of feels like we are living in someone else’s home right now. It has been empty for a while, so we are working on getting the musty smell out which has been a challenge since air conditioners are not common in homes here.We get to wake up to birds chirping, roosters crowing, owls hooting, walnuts bouncing off our tin roof (there is a huuuuge walnut tree over our house), and motorcycles and buses flying by. Apparently mufflers are not mandatory, but when we sit up and see the view of San Jose and all of the greenery,  it makes everything better. God is good!

We got to see our classrooms today and I can not wait to get in the routine of school again. Being in our school was comforting for both of us and got us excited about teaching again. Four of my students have already e-mailed me and everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful. Someone from the school took us to get our bank account set up and to the grocery store. The store we went to was very similar to stores back home – they have many of the same brands, but they are obviously more expensive than the Costa Rican brands. Learning Spanish is a must!

Bird of Paradise

We can understand others much more than we can speak, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we are bilingual!  Kudos to Jared for not being afraid to try though. He spoke to our taxi driver and out of the 3 questions he asked, the taxi driver understood 2 of them. We will take it!

Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words on Facebook and thank God for technology because it has made this transition smoother being able to talk to our family already. Thanks for reading and I’m sure we will have more to say soon as everyday is a new adventure!

Also, we’ve started an album on Photobucket.  Check it out here:


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