Getting close to moving far

Hello all!

Welcome to my (our) blog!  I say our because I’m hoping to convince my better half to start helping me with this once we make our big move.  My wife Torie and I are two young teachers who are about to shake things up in our lives a bit.

The soon to be casa

Near the end of last school year, I brought up the idea of working at an international school one day.  A couple of my old teachers did it, and it seemed like an awesome way to travel and, at the risk of sounding too cliché, ‘expand our horizons’.  Torie has spent nearly her entire life in the same part of town – as has the majority of her family, so I was skeptical about how she would respond to the idea.  To my astonishment, she said she had also been thinking about it.  So, we started digging around the internet.  We found TONS of information about international schools all over the world.  I was pretty open to just about anything, but we focused our search on the Western Hemisphere – mostly the Caribbean and Central America.

We sought advice from a former teacher of mine who had experience teaching abroad; she wasn’t too optimistic about us finding a job without having much experience.  She did suggest our chances would be improved using a placement agency, and we looked into a couple.  After a little more diggin’, we decided we would just go at it on our own.  Many have asked me, “How did you find this? How did you get this job?”  Well, we did it the same way you get jobs here – we just sent out resumes and cover letters.  We didn’t hear anything for a little while, but we both had good jobs here, so we weren’t worried if nothing came.  We just figured, if it happens, it happens.

Well, sure enough it happened, and we ended up getting a few responses.  After interviewing with schools in both Mexico and Costa Rica, we felt Costa Rica was the right decision for us.  (After deciding we actually got a couple more offers)

And here we are – 7 weeks from picking up and moving to a country we’ve never been to.  This is a hectic time for us.  School is winding down, and we’re trying to make the last-minute preparations (packing, shipping, figuring out where on earth to store our stuff, figuring out how to get Jax (the cat) there, gathering and filling out paperwork… you get the picture).  All while trying to finish the school year – no easy task, but it’s coming along.

This is a time of overwhelming emotions.  We couldn’t be more excited about the new opportunities at what seems to be an awesome school in an awesome country, but we are also somewhat terrified about our less than stellar Spanish skills. And, of course, the toughest part is going to be leaving family, friends, and our comfortable way of life behind.

I mentioned earlier we have been asked quite often how we found these jobs.  That’s not the most popular question we’ve heard when we’ve told people about our plans.  Topping the list is, “Do you know Spanish?” Not yet, but we will.  Another questions is simply, “Why?”  Well, that one has been kinda tough to answer.  What usually comes to my head is, “Why not?” But everyone seems to be looking for more than that.  The best, concise answer I can come up with is, “For an adventure.”  I think that sums it up pretty well.  All we know is we don’t know much;  every part of this will be an adventure for us, and we’re ready for that.  So, that’s how I came up with the name for the blog in case you were wondering.

As we start this crazy adventure we wanted to keep everyone up on what we’re getting into, so we thought this would be the best way to do it.  We will keep ya updated on what’s happening with us – feel free to let us know you were here!

A few more pictures of the house:

Inside the A-Frame
Bird of Paradise plantation in the backyard

2 thoughts on “Getting close to moving far

  1. This is a wonderful way to keep us posted on your adventure. My sister-in-law blogs about all their adventures while they are living in Australia. I think you two will have a wonderful time!! Uncle Warren and I have already discussed a vacation there next year. 😉

    Have fun!!
    Aunt Kristi


    1. Thanks Kristi! We’re not even there yet, and we are already excited to have visitors! If you have the link to her blog, I wouldn’t mind checking it out.


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